Training Materials

Youth Homelessness and Housing

Bridges: Housing and Supports for Youth Who Have Emancipated from Foster Care Pt 2 (10.5.17)

Bridges: Housing and Supports for Youth Who Have Emancipated from Foster Care Pt 1 (5.30.17)

Housing Options for Former Systems Youth (5.17.16)

Access to Education for Immigrant and Migrant Youth (2.4.16)


Improving Impact: Serving LGBTQ Individuals with Dignity and Respect (11.8.18)

Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant Law

Understanding Fair Housing 101 Pt. 2 (10.8.19)

Understanding Fair Housing 101 Pt. 1 (9.11.19)

Understanding Fair Housing/Equal Access Rule (3.29.18)

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law Q&A (7.13.17)

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law 101 (2.14.17)

Race Equity

I.N.C.A.S.E. of Bias Emergence Framework( 09.24.19)

Understanding and Mitigating Implicit Bias ( 09.20.19)


Understanding the Best Practices in Diversion (8.15.19)


Finding a Solution: Guide to Mediation

Point in Time Count

2019 Housing Inventory Count and Point-in-Time Count (11.16.18)

2018 Point-in-Time Count: Best Practices for Your Local Count (11.14.17)

Evidenced Based Practice

Crisis Awareness Training

Housing First: Practical Application

Case Management 101: Best Practices for Homeless and Housing Case Managers (9.25.18)

Trauma-Informed Strategies for Transition Aged Youth (3.21.18)

Incorporating Harm Reduction in Your Program (04.27.17) 

Housing First and Harm Reduction Practice in Supportive Housing (02.21.17)

Harm Reduction: For People with MH & SUD in Housing (10.5.16)

Housing First – Three Part Series (1.19.16)


Understand, Prepare, Infusing MAT Into Your Program (9.26.19)

Understand, Prepare, React: Preparing Your Program (11.28.18)

Understand, Prepare, React : Addiction 101 ( 10.24.18)

Recovery Housing

Recovery Housing and Homelessness (7.19.18)

Understanding Recovery Housing (7.27.17)

Domestic Violence

Protecting Survivors of DV: Being Trauma-Informed in Housing and Homeless Services(10.16.18)

Aging Homelessness

Aging Homeless: Keys to Improving Services(10.30.19)

Homelessness in Older Adults: An Emerging Crisis (5.4.17)


The Intersection of Infant Mortality and Housing in Ohio (7.18.18)

Guide to Effectively Ending Veteran Homelessness presentation(10.17.17)

Training Materials


Housing Ohio Conference