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       Training Materials

Youth Homelessness and Housing

Bridges: Housing and Supports for Youth Who Have Emancipated from Foster Care Pt 2 (10.5.17)

Bridges: Housing and Supports for Youth Who Have Emancipated from Foster Care Pt 1 (5.30.17)

Housing Options for Former Systems Youth (5.17.16)

Access to Education for Immigrant and Migrant Youth (2.4.16)

Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant Law

Understanding Fair Housing/Equal Access Rule (3.29.18)

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law Q&A (7.13.17)

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law 101 (2.14.17)

Point in Time Count

2019 Housing Inventory Count and Point-in-Time Count (11.16.18)

2018 Point-in-Time Count: Best Practices for Your Local Count (11.14.17)

Housing First

Housing First – Three Part Series (1.19.16)

Case Management

Case Management 101: Best Practices for Homeless and Housing Case Managers

Critical Time Intervention

Critical Time Intervention (6.17.14 & 6.30.14)

Progressive Engagement

Tackling Family Homelessness Through Progressive Engagement Model (10.1.15)

Harm Reduction

Incorporating Harm Reduction in Your Program (04.27.17) 

Housing First and Harm Reduction Practice in Supportive Housing (02.21.17)

Harm Reduction: For People with MH & SUD in Housing (10.5.16)

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Strategies for Transition Aged Youth (3.21.18)


Understand, Prepare, React : Addiction 101

Understand, Prepare, React: Preparing Your Program

Recovery Housing

Recovery Housing and Homelessness (7.19.18)

Understanding Recovery Housing (7.27.17)

Domestic Violence

Protecting Survivors of DV: Being Trauma-Informed in Housing and Homeless Services(10.16.18)


Improving Impact: Serving LGBTQ Individuals with Dignity and Respect (11.8.18)


The Intersection of Infant Mortality and Housing in Ohio (7.18.18)

Guide to Effectively Ending Veteran Homelessness presentation(10.17.17)

Homelessness in Older Adults: An Emerging Crisis (5.4.17)

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Training Materials


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