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COHHIO closely monitors state legislation and rules that affect Ohioans who are struggling to emerge from poverty and fights at the Statehouse for policies that alleviate homelessness, expand housing and protect the vulnerable from predatory consumer practices. For more information on the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, visit our Housing Trust Fund page.

Good Tidings from COHHIO

Dear Friends, It’s been a busy holiday season. A mean-spirited amendment to speed up evictions nearly sneaked through the Statehouse last week. We convinced House leaders that accelerating the eviction process would unnecessarily drive more [...]

Eviction Acceleration Bill Defeated

Good news: a mean-spirited proposal to speed up the eviction process in Ohio fell flat during the current lame duck session. COHHIO raised the alarm about Rep. Derrick Merrin's bill (HB 390) to count holidays [...]

COHHIO Fights Plan to Speed Up Evictions

Weeks before lawmakers’ winter recess, an Ohio House committee advanced legislation Wednesday to allow landlords to initiate the eviction process on Christmas and other holidays. “Passing House Bill 390 during lame duck session is just [...]

Breaking Ground – November 2018

November 2018   In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks that the 2018 election is now finally over. Our Ohio Votes program worked overtime this fall registering voters in low-income communities and coordinating [...]

In the News

COHHIO was recently featured in an ABC6 investigation of a mobile home park that inexplicably started sending tenants water bills as high as $1,800 for one month. When tenants couldn’t pay, management threatened them with [...]