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COHHIO works closely with our partners in Washington, like the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the National Alliance to End Homelessness, to monitor and influence federal policies on housing and homelessness.

Bill’s August Update

Labor Day is approaching, which means campaign season is just around the corner. That thought might give you a sense of nausea, but the fact is the upcoming campaign season is a great opportunity to [...]

Bill’s May Update

Nearly 60,000 Ohioans experienced homelessness in 2016. Almost one-third of them were children. Nearly 10,000 were victims of domestic abuse. The data source is understood to be an undercount and these numbers don’t even include [...]

National Housing Trust Fund Allocates $7 Million to Ohio

HUD recently announced a new round of National Housing Trust Fund allocations totaling $266.8 million, which includes nearly $7 million for Ohio to address housing needs for very low and extremely low income people. While [...]