Reduce Your Agency’s Workers’ Comp Premium with a COHHIO/Sedgwick Group Rating Plan!

As a member in good standing you are eligible to join COHHIO workers’ compensation group rating program.

Joining not only has the potential of saving you the maximum amount allowable by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), it helps out COHHIO as well. By joining our group you will help keep COHHIO strong and the more employers who join a program, the more options there will be for all of us.

COHHIO’s organizational members typically save a combined average total of $250,000 each year. Taking all that into consideration, it’s no wonder more than 95% of the group membership returns year after year.

Sedgwick (formerly CareWorks) has managed COHHIO’s workers’ compensation plan and can help you determine if group rating makes sense for your agency. It only takes a moment to complete the online temporary authorization form to find out if your agency is eligible to join COHHIO’s workers’ comp programs. The evaluation is free and there is absolutely no obligation to join the group. You might just find that our group can save you a substantial amount on your premiums.

More information about COHHIO’s Group Rating Plan:

To learn more about the COHHIO-Sedgwick Workers’ Comp Group Rating Program, or to request assistance with any workers’ compensation issues, please contact our Sedgwick representative:

David Deyo, Sedgwick Program Management Associate
Phone: 614.376.5401
Fax: 614.790.8135