CoC Program


Every year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) makes available federal resources for homeless programming to communities around the country through its Continuum of Care (CoC) Program and its annual CoC Competition. Continuums access these funds by completing consolidated applications on behalf of the federally funded homeless programs in their CoC. For the Ohio BoSCoC, the Collaborative Applicant (ODSA) and COHHIO facilitate this process and submit the consolidated application. Any organization located within the 80 counties of the Ohio BoSCoC that wishes to access new or renewal CoC Program funds must participate in local homeless planning efforts and the annual BoSCoC CoC Competition.


2019 CoC Competition
FY2019 Final CoC Project Evaluation Results and Preliminary Project Ranking
Listserv Message – Ohio BoSCoC: 2019 CoC Project Evaluation Scoring and Preliminary Project Ranking – May 10, 2019
FY2019 CoC Competition Grant Inventory Worksheet (for review by grantees by April 16, 2019
Ohio BoSCoC FY2019 CoC Competition Plan and Timeline –  Revised March 29, 2019
New Project Proposal Form
Ohio BoSCoC 2019 HMIS Project Evaluation Reports, preliminary v.3 – Corrected March 27, 2019
Listserv Message – Ohio BoSCoC: Corrected Project Evaluation Reports Posted and Revisions to CoC Competition Timeline
Listserv Message – Ohio BoSCoC: Release of 2019 Preliminary CoC Project Evaluation Report – March 25, 2019

2018 CoC Competition
Ohio BoSCoC FY2018 CoC Funding Awards RENEWAL AND NEW PROJECTS – February 7, 2019
Listserv Message – FY2018 CoC New Project Funding Awards – Announced February 7, 2019
Listserv Message – FY2018 CoC Funding Awards (RENEWALS) Announced – January 28, 2019

Ohio BoSCoC FY2018 CoC Application – September 11, 2018


2019 CoC Competition
Ohio BoSCoC FY19 CoC Competition Training Webinar Presentation – March 11, 2019
Ohio BoSCoC FY19 CoC Competition Training Webinar Recording – March 11, 2019

CoC Grant Recipient Training

HUD Field Office CoC Match and Leverage Training Webinar – July 2017

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Additional Resources

CoC Program Competition: e-snaps Resources – Project Applicants
HUD Guidance on Eligible CoC Program Costs and Activities