In the coming weeks, the Ohio Balance of State CoC’s HMIS and the Mahoning CoC’s HMIS will be merged into the same HMIS implementation. This means that users from both CoCs will share the same HMIS system to facilitate easier reporting, training, and collaboration.

Alongside this merge, the two CoCs have published a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an HMIS vendor. The process kicks off September 21, 2020 and is expected to resolve in early 2021.

HUD has encouraged HMIS Leads and CoC Leads to reexamine their vendor contracts and build leverage to implement a strong HMIS. Through this process, the HMIS Lead at COHHIO hopes to negotiate a contract that provides the ability to build what is needed for the two CoCs and the people they serve.

The RFP and related documents can be found at