OH-504 and OH-507 Request for Proposals: HMIS Vendors


The purpose of this RFP is to secure software as a service for OH-504 and OH-507 combined HMIS needs. Initially, OH-504 and OH-507 procured respective vendor-managed HMIS to provide front end data collection. In early 2020, the two CoCs elected to merge their implementations (in progress). OH-504 and OH-507 seek to undergo a procurement process to secure a contract with a vendor-managed HMIS to continue data collection and reporting. All qualified HMIS software vendors are encouraged to respond.


OH-504 and OH-507 Request for Proposals: HMIS Vendor 9.21.20
Certifications and Assurances – Fillable 9.21.20
Response Template 9.21.20


Questions and Answers Related to the RFP 10.9.20