Now might not seem like the time to worry about the next election if you’re about to lose your home. But whether or not you care about politics, politics directly affects your life and your community. Politicians pay attention to communities that vote. Make sure your voice is heard in 2020!

If you’re no longer living at the same address where you are registered to vote, you still have options!

Before Oct. 5: Re-register to vote!

  • Use the address of the place you are currently staying, whether it’s a friend’s couch or a shelter


  • Get permission to use the address of a nonprofit agency near you

After Oct. 5: You can still vote even if you didn’t update your voter registration address. Simply go to the polling location for your NEW address, fill out a change of address form and cast a provisional ballot

Worried about having acceptable voter ID?

  • Vote early by mail or in person. You only need to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • An Ohio drivers license or state ID is a valid form of Election Day ID even if the address on it is different from your voter registration address

For more information on how you can ensure that Your Vote Matters in 2020, go to: