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Upcoming Trainings & Events

COHHIO’s training and technical assistance department is offering the following upcoming training opportunities: Sept: 22, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Financial Management For OCD Non-Profits (Part 1) - A key [...]

Upcoming Trainings & Events2020-08-31T10:58:04-04:00

Your Vote Matters!

People who are homeless or facing eviction have more immediate concerns than the upcoming election. Unfortunately, low voter turnout among low-income and marginalized populations only perpetuates continued neglect by elected [...]

Your Vote Matters!2020-08-31T04:37:26-04:00

Housing Now for Homeless Families

COHHIO thanks Gov. DeWine and his administration for investing $15 million in federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding to provide homeless prevention and rapid rehousing services for families [...]

Housing Now for Homeless Families2020-08-31T04:42:12-04:00

Housing Info Line Keeps Housing Authority In Line

Sometimes COHHIO's Housing Information Line needs to remind housing authority officials to follow their own policies when it comes to raising the rent on vulnerable tenants. Mr. Williams first called [...]

Housing Info Line Keeps Housing Authority In Line2020-08-31T14:55:56-04:00

Advocacy Alert: Call for Emergency Rental Assistance

Share your stories! Sharing stories about the real life struggles people are facing is critical for convincing elected officials to take action to prevent this public health crisis from sparking [...]

Advocacy Alert: Call for Emergency Rental Assistance2020-08-31T15:11:07-04:00

Greetings from COHHIO’s Youth Housing Initiative

Settling in as the new Youth Housing Initiative Coordinator with COHHIO in this difficult time has been a rewarding challenge. A huge thank you to all of Ohio’s youth homelessness [...]

Greetings from COHHIO’s Youth Housing Initiative2020-08-31T17:14:51-04:00

REACH for Racial Equity

Any effort to end homelessness and housing insecurity in Ohio must address the long-standing racial disparities in access to housing in our state. That’s why COHHIO is pleased to announce [...]

REACH for Racial Equity2020-08-31T14:47:03-04:00

Thanks for Supporting CPEF!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the COHHIO Pandemic Emergency Fund! Together we raised over $1.9 million to support homeless shelters fighting to contain the spread of the coronavirus [...]

Thanks for Supporting CPEF!2020-08-31T14:45:19-04:00

COHHIO Risk Mitigation Fund

The pandemic has created a renewed sense of urgency to move people out of congregate shelters where the virus spreads quickly. However, the pandemic has also created new challenges when [...]

COHHIO Risk Mitigation Fund2020-08-27T15:06:37-04:00
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