We wanted to share the news with COHHIO members that CareWorks of Ohio, Ltd. is merging with CompManagement Health Systems, Inc. effective Monday, December 21, 2020. This merger will accompany a name change to Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio (Sedgwick MCO). This does not impact the administration of our group rating or group retrospective rating programs.

Sedgwick, CompManagement’s parent company, acquired CareWorks in 2019. For the past 16 months, the teams at CareWorks and CompManagement have partnered to develop best practices to ensure outstanding outcomes remain available to our members. We are excited to partner with this new level of managed care!

A couple of things to note below for our members who utilize Careworks MCO:

  • Your MCO service team will remain the same. Your Case Specialist, Nurse Case Manager and Account Executive will continue to work with you, your employees and your organization.
  • Any CareWorks Injury Reporting Packets that you have can continue to be used.
  • Your employees with an active claim will also receive a letter regarding this merger, along with updated instructions and reference information to share with treating physicians.

Again, there will be no change in MCO contacts for you or your injured workers as a result of this merger. We look forward to the valuable resources that Sedgwick MCO brings to our members. For additional information, we invite you to visit SedgwickMCO.com

Here are some other important updates for members of COHHIO’s workers’ compensation programs:

Deadline Approaching:  Group Retrospective Enrollment for Upcoming July 1, 2021 Policy Year

The deadline to enroll in Group Retrospective Rating with CareWorks Comp for the upcoming July 1, 2021 policy year is January 22, 2021.  Group Retro is a performance-based program where the group’s claims, incurred for the policy year, are compared to the group’s premiums paid to the BWC.  The participants will receive premium rebates as long as the claims incurred for that policy year are lower than the overall premiums paid to the BWC.

For more information, call CareWorks Comp Program Manager Meridith Whitsel at 614-745-4935 or Meridith.Whitsel@careworkscomp.com

Group Retro Rebates from 2018 & 2019 Policy Years:  Rebated EARLY

If your company was enrolled in CareWorks Comp’s Group Retro Program for the 2018 and/or 2019 Policy Year, you received your rebates in April 2020 and in October 2020 as BWC Dividends.  The Ohio BWC rebated 100% of your premium from the 2018 Policy Year in April 2020, AND rebated 100% of your 2019 Policy Year premium in October 2020.  Therefore, since you already received all of your premium back from those two Policy Years, this is why you didn’t receive your first 2018 plan year rebate last month, nor will you receive rebates in Fall 2021 or Fall 2022 or Fall 2023.

BWC Board Approves $5 Billion Workers’ Compensation Dividend

The BWC Board of Directors approved Governor Mike DeWine’s $5 billion dividend proposal on November 2, 2020.  This is the largest BWC dividend in state history and DeWine hopes it will serve as a lifeline to businesses struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.  The dividend will be the third this year, following a $1.54 billion dividend issued in April and a $1.34 billion dividend in October.

Checks will be distributed to employers covered by BWC in mid-December. Gov. DeWine said that the BWC “remains in a strong fiscal position thanks largely to healthy investment returns on employer premiums, a