‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the state,
Homeless families were sheltered, thus spared a cold fate.
COHHIO was working with these families in mind,
Making home a reality for folks of all kind.

In the Statehouse a plan to speed up evictions
Fizzles as Ohio’s leaders recall their convictions.
A proposal to ban gun rules in subsidized housing,
Dies when they see just what they’re espousing.

In DC they pass another stop-gap spending bill,
While funding for housing assistance stands still
Cutting taxes for the wealthy, gutting programs for the poor –
People are tired of this game, it’s become quite a bore.

But COHHIO keeps pushing for the Housing Trust Fund
Many lawmakers now consider it a worthwhile bargain
Because decent affordable housing is key
To solving other problems of public policy.

Meanwhile, the Housing Hotline assists tenants at risk
Bringing negligent landlords to account – tsk, tsk, tsk!
COHHIO’s technical assistance staff was doing a training
On Housing First concepts that need more explaining.

The Youth Initiative helped providers throughout the state
Tackle barriers to serve youth before it’s too late.
SOAR Ohio staffers filed applications with good cheer
Helping disabled homeless get SSI income without fear.

Balance of State CoC was dealing with business at hand,
Helping homeless providers meet all the federal demands.
HMIS was processing statistics by the bushel
To fund homeless programs – HUD says this is crucial.

With talent, dedication and compassion in spades,
We’ve fought for social justice for over three decades.
So please give what you can so that next year COHHIO
Can keep fighting to end homelessness here in Ohio.