Good news: a mean-spirited proposal to speed up the eviction process in Ohio fell flat during the current lame duck session.

COHHIO raised the alarm about Rep. Derrick Merrin’s bill (HB 390) to count holidays and weekends as part of the time tenants have to: 1. avoid an eviction filing in the first place, and 2. move out before their belongings are set out on the curb. Merrin managed to sneak the amendment into a Senate bill that was further along in the legislative process, but the offending language was ultimately removed before the legislation cleared the House.

Thanks to House leaders who realized that this unnecessary and petty proposal runs contrary to their efforts to strengthen Ohio families. And thanks to everyone asked their representatives to vote against this bill.

We will continue to monitor the Statehouse closely and oppose legislation that would exacerbate housing insecurity in Ohio.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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