Ohio-based musician Sarob released a new single Friday pledging 100 percent of sales revenue to the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio’s efforts to help local homeless shelters fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarob, a hip hop and neo-soul musician, released the song “Pleasures U Like” through the online platform Bandcamp, where supporters can name their price to purchase the song, donating to COHHIO’s Pandemic Emergency Fund from May 22 to June 19.

“I think we all understand protecting the well-being of vulnerable people – including our homeless population – is vital to a good and equitable community. With the stakes becoming graver, I felt like I needed to do something to help,” Sarob said. “I’m honored COHHIO was willing to work with me to figure out a way to use my music to help people in shelters stay safe.”

To celebrate the record release, Sarob and COHHIO will host a Happy Hour through Instagram Live Friday May 22 at 5:30 P.M. (EST), discussing music, homelessness, tenants’ rights and other housing issues.

COHHIO’s Pandemic Emergency Fund was created to combat new challenges agencies face as a result of COVID-19. Ohio’s 300 homeless shelters are crowded congregate facilities that lack the funding they need to prevent the virus from spreading among residents, staff and the broader community.

Since the pandemic began, COHHIO has provided nearly $2 million to 66 homeless shelters throughout the state to help implement social distancing measures, like moving residents into hotel rooms and opening additional space in new facilities. COHHIO has also distributed large quantities of face masks, hand sanitizer and other supplies to these programs.

COHHIO spokesman Marcus Roth said homeless services agencies throughout Ohio quickly rallied to reduce their population density and move vulnerable residents out of harm’s way. While there have been a few isolated positive cases among homeless Ohioans, efforts to protect shelter residents have so far prevented the kind of severe outbreaks that have plagued shelters in other states.

“We’re thankful to Sarob and all the other hundreds of donors who have supported the critical work that homeless shelters are doing to keep the community safe during this pandemic,” Roth said. “I urge everyone to download Pleasures U Like right now, not only because you’re helping people who are homeless, but because it’s a dope song.”