Dear Friends,

It’s been a busy holiday season. A mean-spirited amendment to speed up evictions nearly sneaked through the Statehouse last week. We convinced House leaders that accelerating the eviction process would unnecessarily drive more struggling Ohioans into homelessness and we helped blocked the plan to evict renters on weekends and holidays.

We also helped stop Statehouse legislation to prohibit gun regulations in permanent supportive housing and increase tax liability on Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties. In Washington we’ve been working to secure continued federal funding for housing and homeless programs, and fighting bank regulations that would dry up investment in affordable housing and other rules that would increase homelessness among our immigrant population.

COHHIO is a respected voice in the halls of power, speaking out on behalf of Ohio’s 400,000 tenants who are spending over half their income on rent and fighting to keep a roof over their heads. Please support our work today so we can go on the offensive next year and fight to expand the Ohio Housing Trust Fund and increase funding for local rapid rehousing and homelessness prevention programs.

Thank you for supporting our efforts and have a great holiday season!

Bill Faith
Executive Director