COHHIO’s next conference is still five months away, but the staff is deep into planning the event, especially since we’re moving to a different venue that’s large enough to accommodate everyone who wants to come. So mark your calendars now – you don’t want to miss Housing Ohio 2020 on April 13 – 15 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Columbus.

Most of the conference workshops have been finalized at this point (thanks to everyone who submitted proposals!), but we’ve just begun recruiting sponsors to help support the event. For more information, see the Housing Ohio sponsorship prospectus or contact Communications/Development Director Marcus Roth.

Meanwhile, we are preparing two upcoming webinar series available free to anyone who wants to learn more about crisis awareness and supported employment:

Crisis Awareness Training 2-part series

In the homeless and housing system, exposure to traumatic events or secondary trauma leads to burnout and high turnover among staff. Participants will learn about the physical and emotional signs that someone may be in crisis. Everyone’s reactions to trauma are unique, but this webinar explains some potential signs and symptoms, as well as coping techniques.

  • During the first session in this 2-part webinar series entitled Crisis Awareness Training, participants will define what we think is a traumatic or critical event. We’ll discuss the possible physical, cognitive, and emotional responses to traumatic events, including the cumulative effects these events can have on us.
  • During the second session, we’ll talk about techniques and strategies for working through the effects of a traumatic incident and self-care.

Often, we want to help another person but don’t know what to say or how to best assist them.  This webinar series provides the opportunity to ask questions about trauma and stress as well as being given resources and concepts to help not only someone, but ourselves.

Supported Employment 2-part series

  • Thursday, March 5 @ 1:00pm
  • Thursday, March 19 @ 1:00pm

As formidable as the barriers to employment may seem for people experiencing homelessness, there is an evidence-based practice that has been successful. In this 2-part webinar series, attendees will learn:

  • How to access already available employment
  • Benefit planning services
  • First steps in implementing this evidence-based practice
  • How to build relationships with employers
  • How to assist job seekers with legal histories
  • How to help homeless youth start careers
  • How to support people in education and vocational training programs
  • Learn about available resources in the state

Be on the lookout for these future training opportunities:

  • Best practices in Serving Families Experiencing Homelessness
  • Using Data to Address Race Equity

And if you missed any past training webinars, it’s not too late! There are over 35 archived webinars on a wide variety of homelessness and housing issues at the COHHIO Training and Technical Assistance site.

For any questions contact Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator Josh Johnson.