The HMIS team at COHHIO will release its new reporting system called R minor this spring. Using data from the Ohio Balance of State HMIS, R minor will make it possible to easily and elegantly share data with the public.

R minor consists of two sites: one public-facing, the other requiring a log-in. The public-facing site will contain a Provider Dashboard, CoC Competition reporting, and Performance and Outcomes measures as defined by the Ohio BoSCoC Performance Management Plan. The log-in site will contain the Veterans Active List, prioritization reporting for Coordinated Entry, data quality, and details on the data available on the public site.

So far, only some of the planned reports have been written, but as the demise of the current reporting system (called ART) draws near, our HMIS Data Analyst Genelle Denzin will be writing the logic and making more reporting available in R minor.

R minor is written using a free and open source programming language called R. A major advantage of moving to R is its capability for nice interactive visualizations, maps, and data tables. The packages Genelle is using to create R minor are Shiny and the Tidyverse. If you ask her anything about it, she will get very happy and talkative so be prepared to listen and have an exit plan! 🙂