Does your facility need renovations or capital improvements to better serve folks in your community? State capital funds might be an option, especially if you already have a project in the works that needs some additional funding to bring to completion.

The state legislature is starting to work on the capital budget bill, which is expected to provide $150-$170 million to help fund community projects in the arts, sports, workforce development, health care, and economic development throughout the state. Ohio House and Senate members need to have local community groups submit their project requests to their offices by Jan. 10. Members in both chambers will then be required to submit their requests to leadership by Jan. 24.

This is an opportunity for funding for capital projects that are bondable to a state agency. Since gaining the support of local legislators is a critical step in the process, applying for capital funding could be a great opportunity to establish a relationship with your Statehouse representatives.

Major infrastructure projects are unlikely to get approved, but necessary renovations and upgrades that already have non-state funding from other sources are good candidates. Getting capital dollars from the state for your local project is extremely competitive, but if you have a qualifying need it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a try!

Click here for a project information worksheet and feel free to contact COHHIO Advocacy Director Gina Wilt for more information about applying for state capital funds.