Once again, a Black man has been murdered by law enforcement in Ohio. Casey Christopher Goodson, Jr., just 23-years-old, had his life cut short at the hands of those who swear an oath of service and protection. Casey was shot in the back as he entered the home of his 72-year-old grandmother, who witnessed the murder, as well as two toddlers in the house. Casey had committed no crimes and has no criminal history.

Earlier this year, Governor Mike Dewine called racism a “public health crisis” and that “we have to do everything in our power to deal with this.” Whether COVID-19, police brutality, or homelessness, Black and brown Ohioans continue to face disproportionate harm compared to their white counterparts. Casey’s murder is a reminder to all of us that dismantling racism within our institutions is essential if we are to make any progress in this country – including eliminating housing insecurity.

The trauma and distrust felt in Black and brown communities, as a result of violence at the hands of the state, continues to plague our work and must be healed. Casey marks the 12th death of a Black Ohioan as a result of a police encounter in 2020 and the 286th since 2000. But Casey is more than a number, he was a brother, son, and friend.

We honor and remember all of the names of Black Ohioans killed during police encounters in the last 20 years:

Casey Christopher Goodson, Jr.
Arthur Keith
Rodney Arnez Barnes
D’Oro R. McKinney
Raepheal A. Dell
Rodnesha Thompson
Christophe Takam
Desmond Franklin
Tyler M. Jones
Joseph C. Jewell III
Paul Coteat
Joshua James Brown
Tamia Chappman
Micduff Lamarco Robinson
Maurice Brown
Johnell Smith
Tasjon Tyreek Osbourne
Michael Tyree Tuck
Isaiah Robinson
Elijah Collins III
Tavares Norris
Daral Hall
Mya’nie Nabors
Christopher Lee Baker II
Kyren Wright
Alex Johnson
Matthew Burroughs
Ja’Ron Nero
Stacey R. McGinnis
Olivia “Libby” Shanette Collins
Tabaughn Collins
Julius Ervin Tate, Jr.
Leonard James Guy, Jr.
Donald Bugg
Eric Jamar Lupain Stromer
Myah Lee Jones
Robert Jones, Jr.
James Clay
Montae D. Shackleford
Lamar Richardson
Antonio Eugene Whitley
Ebony Radford
Leslye Lanetta Townsend
Abadi Gebregziber
Keith Conley
Thomas Yatsko
Amanuel Dagebo
Ledarren D. Mixon
Isaiah Currie
Antonio Levison
Jamarco McShann
Antonio Laffette Ponyard, Jr.
Johnigan Reeves
Jermaine Jaquill Tucker
John Carlos Edwards
Mussah George Pierre, Jr.
Xavier McMullen
Nathaniel Richmond
Ke’Sharn K. Burney
Kareem Ali Nadir Jones
Edward Earl Taylor
Dana D. Dubose
Christopher Wade
Luke O. Stewart
Christopher Carter
Shelly Porter III
Abdul Razak Ali Artan
Shawn Anthony Johnson
Jacquarius M. Robinson
Clarence Sanford
Philip Hasan
Tyre King
Kelley Brandon Forte
Romero Brown
Jawari Porter
Kawme Dejuan Patrick
Roleigh “RJ” Culver
Henry Green
Terry Frost III
Kisha Arrone
Paul Gaston
Mohamed Barry
Marese Vince Collins
Kenyon J. Hipps
Derek Stokes
Carlumandarlo Zaramo
Deaunte Lamar Bell
Kaleb R. Alexander
Christopher Kimble
James Carney III
Terelle Lashawn Wagner
Reginald Marshall
Dontae L. Martin
Nadia N. Campbell
Samuel DuBose
Airshaan D. Warren
Kimoni Calvon “Kodak” Davis
Trepierre Hummons
QuanDavier Hicks
Brandon Jones
Michael David Winston
Terrance Moxley
Theodore J. Johnson Sr.
Jermonte Fletcher
Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed
Demarco S. Leary
Decter Torry Hudson
Tamir E. Rice
Tommy Christopher David
Tanisha N. Anderson
Raupheal Thomas
Ronnie D. McNary
Qusean Whitten
Elisha Paul Glass
Kendrick Brown
John H. Crawford III
Donyale Rowe
Devontae Williams
Agyasi J. Ector
Tyshawn Hancock
Lance Braswell
Terry Heath
Joseph Givens
Antwan Anderson
Gregory Sanders
Edward Scott Perry
Kenneth R. Herring
Jonathan D. Rodgers
Danny Thornton
Jason D. White
Taemarr Walker
William Taylor
Reginald Williams, Jr.
Al Pickett
Derrick Hudson
Thomas Bean
Kourtney Hahn
Emmanuel Gatewood
Phillip Lane II
Erik Sanford
Jermaine C. Coleman, Jr.
Kevin M. Bailey
Malissa Williams
Timothy Ray Russell
Dontez O’Neal
Erica Collins
Darrell James Parnell
Craig Frye Sr.
Kevin Willingham
Dawayne Lavar Grant, Sr.
Destin A. Thomas
Derick D. Alexander, Sr.
Corey McGinnis
Charles Moore III
Robert Dumas, Jr.
Willie Sudduth
Kenneth C. Smith
Tiawn Anthony Barham, Sr.
Ronnie Pittman
Obbie Lee Shepard, Jr.
Francis Owens
Davon Mullins
Juvon Williams
Everette Howard
Johntwa E. Bosley
Kylen English
Da’Shawn Johnson
Steven B. Derifield
Ivan Norris III
Neil Lawrence, Jr.
Leon James
Samuel T. Birch
Warren Wright
Aron Jones
Ould Mohamed Sidi
Sylvester Gavin
Rodney Brown
Jose Shaquan Jackson
Danny Withers, Jr.
Joann Burton
Nyl R. Oday
Ronald W. “Ronnie” Palmer
Ryan Clayton
Tonya Smith
Kelly Brinson
Linda Hicks
Randolph “Randy” Ward, Jr.
Todd A. Williamson
Alvin Tate
Yuceff W. Young II
Devon Tyrone Woods
Abram Bynum
Marquan Jacqueze Jones-Milton
Connie Yvonne Burgess
Davon Crawford
Michael A. Harrington, Jr.
Ricky L. Moore
Jeffery Stephens, Sr.
Edward “Tigger” Hayes
Benjamin Brewton
Claude I. “CC” Cox
Derrick Jerome Jordan
Lawrence White
Guy Cameron Thomas
Tarika Wilson
Larry A. Martin
Mark L. Decator
Earl Guerrant
Charles Wayne Bennett
Qayyim N. Moore
Trajuan F. Johnson
Aaron Steele
Nolan Hunter
Demetrus R. Vinson
Henry Bell
Trae Akeem Darson
Raymond D. Walrond
Kenneth Calloway
James K. “J.P.” Polk
Donti Jamal Henry
Nasir Abdi
Jermaine Jones
Angelo C. Ferguson
David E. Crenshaw
Laray Renshaw
Roosevelt T. Summerville
Brandon McCloud
Jermica Wright
Venina Linder-Wright
Shawn Christopher Pirolozzi
Stanley Honaker
Vernon A. Young
James Blade, Jr.
Shirley Andrews
Niema Latrese Thompson-Blake
Jeffrey Turner
David Leon Grisby
Bernard W. “Sage” Woods
Keith A. Purifie
James A. Cain, Jr.
Cameron L. Straughter
James Fambro-Wade
Eric Bernard Christmas
Antwand Yett
Arlington Wilson, Jr.
Jonathan Crenshaw
Eren Beyah
Brandon Robinson
Michael Wayne Fowler, Jr. aka Freedom Allah
Nathaniel “Skipper” JonesDanny M. Cox
Deon L. McRae
Dante W. Miller aka Daunte Miller
David Whitehead
Bernard Bates
Harold L Wells
Willie Robinson
Andre Sherrer
Ronald A. Jackson
Eric T. Wofford
Guy Wills III
Keshia Jamel Newell
Ricardo Mason
Jeffrey Hopkins
Ricky Moore
Stephon Keith Moore
Craig Bickerstaff
Jermaine Sanders
Marvin Hendrix
William Burrell “Tuff Dog” Duncan
Tayvone Kinney
Daniel Harris
Ricky Moore, Jr.
Darlene Barney
Ricardo Barney
Cleophis Craver
Timothy Thomas
Adam Wheeler
Jeffrey Irons
Roger D. Owensby, Jr.
Courtney Mathis
Teri Backie
Jasmine R. Backie
Alfred Lamont Pope
George Woodard
Shawn Abner aka Toryon Te’Shaun Abner

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