With the upcoming presidential primary and general election, 2020 is going to be a very busy election year!

COHHIO’s Ohio Votes program will continue to work with nonprofit organizations all across the state to engage people in underserved communities in the democratic process. Our nonpartisan outreach will focus on voter registration, voter education events, civic engagement trainings and more!

Ohio Votes partners with housing and homeless services providers, faith communities, voter advocates, community action groups and other social services agencies to reach as many voters as possible. We will have opportunities for individual volunteers, host locations, and full partner participants to participate in a variety of voter outreach efforts throughout 2020.

Visit the Ohio Votes COHHIO page to learn more about how you or your organization can join our efforts. Take a minute to check our Ohio Votes registration app to sure you’re properly registered to vote.

And a friendly reminder that teens who will turn 18-years-old by Nov. 3 can vote in the upcoming Mar. 17 primary as long as they registered by the Feb. 18 deadline. And yes, homeless citizens have the right to vote!