COHHIO is pleased to partner with the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio (AHACO) to present the Statewide Edition of the Pay to Stay Technical Guide.

Ohio is one of only five states that allows landlords to evict if a tenant pays rent just one day late or a dollar short. Given the many negative consequences to evicted tenants and the impact on public services, many local governments are starting to pass “Pay to Stay” ordinances that give tenants a reasonable chance to pay back their rent and remain in their homes.

Pay to Stay essentially standardizes an existing defense to eviction actions by allowing tenants to pay everything that is owed to avoid eviction. The landlord is made whole for all lost rent and expenses and may actually save money by avoiding legal fees and “turn costs” associated with re-renting a property following an eviction.

With the availability of Emergency Rental Assistance, Pay to Stay has become an important tool to help low-income tenants avoid the problems associated with eviction – loss of belongings, family disruption, difficulty finding another place to live with an eviction on their record, and potential homelessness.

The Statewide Pay to Stay Guide is an updated version of AHACO’s previous earlier edition that focused on Central Ohio. The Statewide edition is designed to help local officials and advocates throughout Ohio enact Pay to Stay ordinances in their communities.

Download the Statewide Pay to Stay Guide