Over the past few years, Ohio Balance of State Continuum of Care staff have rolled out a number of new standards, requirements, and processes including Homeless Program standards, Coordinated Entry standards and processes, and detailed Point-in-Time Count and Housing Inventory County requirements, among others.

In an effort to provide more tools to help providers understand all these requirements and how to implement them, the BoSCoC team has created a new email-based peer discussion group to enable providers to communicate with one another about whatever topics they choose.

Examples could include:

  • How to update program policies and procedures in Housing First ways
  • Sharing sample program forms
  • Informing others of potential funding opportunities
  • Learning about how others have addressed specific programmatic challenges

Preliminarily, BoSCoC Staff will moderate the emails being sent to the discussion group just to ensure no viruses are shared and no spam is sent.

BoSCoC staff will not identify discussion topics, or interject into the peer discussion unless specifically asked. We want this to be a comfortable space for providers to be open and honest in the interest of helping each other advance the work of your projects and communities.

If you wish to participate in the Ohio BoSCoC Peer Discussion Group, please keep in mind the following ground rules:

  • Do not share any identifying client information
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Do not send out spam or other similar information

If you would like to join the Ohio BoSCoC Peer Discussion Group, or if you have any questions about the group, email ericamulryan@cohhio.org to be added.

Once you are added to the group you will receive a welcome email with more information, including the email address to use to send your questions and discussion topics to the Ohio BoSCoC Peer Discussion Group.