Earlier this year, Ardriena called COHHIO’s Housing Information Line (888-485-7999) because she was facing possible eviction. From the beginning of her residence in the apartment complex, Andriena experienced a variety of frustrating problems with management. After her landlord refused to accept her rent payment, she spoke with COHHIO’s Affordable and Fair Housing Coordinator, Joe Maskovyak, Esq.

“Joe told me that I could put it into escrow because they refused to accept my [rent] payment unless I paid for a broken dishwasher,” she recalled. “I asked for proof of how I broke it since they didn’t have any proof. They could never prove that I broke it. That’s when I put my payment in escrow.”

Andriena moved out shortly after, agreeing with the landlord that terminating the lease agreement would be best. However, her problems were far from over.

“I was waiting for my deposit to come in. They didn’t send my security deposit until after 30 days from when I moved out, so I called [COHHIO] again. Joe told me I could sue in small claims court since there was no explanation provided for why I did not receive my deposit,” Andriena said. “At court, they wanted to charge me for the dishwasher and painting, but they did not win on either. I did win, and I got double damages for those.”

Andriena said she felt grateful for the legal advice and guidance provided by COHHIO’s helpline service.

COHHIO supports Ohio residents and organizations seeking guidance on a variety of housing issues: landlord-tenant law, the Fair Housing Act, tenant organization and affordable housing preservation. If you are seeking advice on how to deal with a specific issue, visit the Housing Information page on our website, email us at: rentinfo@cohhio.org or call our Housing Information Line: 888-485-7999.

Please Note: COHHIO cannot provide legal representation, housing referrals, or financial aid. Please contact your local legal aid office or call 2-1-1 for help with those resources.