Share your stories!

Sharing stories about the real life struggles people are facing is critical for convincing elected officials to take action to prevent this public health crisis from sparking a full-blown housing crisis.

We are constantly fielding requests from local and national reporters seeking to interview Ohioans caught up in the eviction crisis. If you have clients who are facing eviction and are willing to speak about their circumstances to the media, please contact COHHIO Communications/Development Director Marcus Roth.

Here are some other ways to share stories about the people you serve:

Social Media: The Senate will be back in session next week. On Sept. 9 from 1 – 2 pm join NLIHC, the Coalition on Human Needs, COHHIO, and other advocates for a #GetBackToWork tweetstorm to tell Congress that housing stability cannot wait.

Ohio has several members of Congress who are key to ensuring that housing and homelessness programs get additional funding in a future relief package. As relatively small pieces of the House’s $3.2 trillion proposal, these issues could well get lost in congressional deal-making if we don’t keep pressure on both parties to ensure that Ohioans have a safe place to live during the pandemic.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) introduced legislation (S. 3685, H.R. 6820) to provide a $100 billion time-limited emergency rental assistance program in the next coronavirus relief bill, and the U.S. House has already passed similar legislation, but Senate leaders have been reluctant to act.

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) could help break the partisan divide. Please take a few minutes to ask Sen. Portman and your U.S. House member to support emergency rental assistance for unemployed workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sen. Portman introduced the Eviction Crisis Act in December, so he understands the damage eviction causes to people. Below are some suggestions on what to say when you call Sen. Portman and your U.S. House members. Feel free to contact COHHIO Advocacy Director Gina Wilt with any questions, and let her know who you called so we can keep track. When these phone calls add up, they really can make all the difference!

  • Funding for Emergency Rental Assistance and homelessness programs must be part of the next federal spending package.
  • The House passed legislation to provide $100 billion in emergency rental assistance for  workers – this would go a long way to help the 1.5 million unemployed Ohioans who are wondering how they will pay next month’s rent.
  • Without emergency rental assistance, millions of tenants will face eviction, and landlords won’t be able to pay their mortgage, taxes and employees.
  • Emergency rental assistance is essential for keeping Americans safely housed, and for stabilizing our economy.