Any effort to end homelessness and housing insecurity in Ohio must address the long-standing racial disparities in access to housing in our state.

That’s why COHHIO is pleased to announce the creation of the Racial Equity Action Committee on Homelessness in Ohio (REACH Ohio) to advance solutions to racial disparities in our state’s homeless system.

In 2019 COHHIO contracted with C4 Innovations to conduct a series of trainings around the state focusing on racial equity and homelessness. After this training was complete, COHHIO convened a group of leaders to form a Steering Committee on racial equity and homelessness in Ohio. Out of this effort the Racial Equity Action Committee on Homelessness in Ohio (REACH Ohio) was born.

The mission of REACH Ohio is: “We are committed to achieving racial equity in Ohio homeless systems. We acknowledge that housing is a right and homelessness is unacceptable. We are focused on radical anti-racist change in pursuit of justice and equity. We are data-enlightened and person centered. We are courageous, inclusive and transparent in support of our mission.”

This mission includes six commitments: 1) All individuals connected to the homeless system have racial equity training, 2) All agencies in the homeless system use a racial equity lens in all decision making, 3) All individuals experiencing homelessness have an equitable experience in our system, 4) All systems interacting with the homeless system work together to promote racial equity, 5) Qualitative and quantitative data about housing and homelessness are collected and analyzed through a racial equity lens, and 6) All advocacy efforts to prevent and end homelessness are informed by racial equity.

In the service of each of these commitments, a subcommittee is being formed. These subcommittees will generate goals and action plans that will contribute to an overall plan to achieve the mission.

Please join our efforts to fight for racial equity! For more information on REACH Ohio email