If you have been laid off or lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic and recession, you might be able to find help paying the rent depending on your circumstances and where you live.

Unfortunately, neither Congress nor the State of Ohio has created a large-scale emergency rental assistance program. But many communities are using local relief funds to prevent mass evictions during this public health crisis. If you need help, try contacting the agency in your county.

The following list may not include all available rental assistance programs, but it will be updated as information becomes available.

If you cannot find help locally, you should contact your state legislators and members of Congress (Sen. Rob Portman; find your Representative) tell them:

  • I am facing eviction in the middle of a pandemic and there is no help available where I live.
  • The CDC delayed evictions to fight the spread of coronavirus, but I still owe rent each month and might get evicted after the rule expires on Dec. 31.
  • Please support emergency rental assistance so millions of people like me can have a home to survive this public health crisis.

Even if rental assistance is unavailable in your county, you can get protection from the CDC’s eviction moratorium. But you need to apply! (Click here for details)

The following list includes programs that provide temporary rental assistance to households experiencing a financial hardship and are either unable to pay current rent or behind on past rent. Some programs may impose additional eligibility criteria, such as income limits or having an eviction notice. But being at imminent risk of homelessness should not be a requirement for these programs.