Diana faced an impossible choice. Her property manager told her that a new rule meant she must either move to continue using her Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), or forfeit her voucher to remain in her current rent-restricted unit. But she can’t continue using both.

Either way, Diana would see a significant increase in the amount of rent she had to pay each month, an amount in excess of the normal 30% of income formula that most tenants with HCV’s pay. That’s when she reached out to COHHIO’s Housing Information Line for help.

COHHIO’s Fair and Affordable Housing Coordinator Joe Maskovyak, a veteran housing attorney, knew something didn’t add up right. He contacted the Ohio Housing Finance Agency to confirm his suspicions that there was no such rule. OHFA assured him that tenants can use vouchers in her current rent-restricted unit and there was no new OHFA or IRS rule that forced her to choose. Then Joe worked with the agency and property manager to ensure Diana was able to remain in her own apartment, with her HCV, without any exorbitant rent increase.

Thanks to Joe’s advocacy and tenacity, Diana can continue to pay the amount of rent required under her HCV  rather than being forced to pay a higher rent due to a non-existent rule.

Countless stories of successful advocacy and advice-giving occur each day with COHHIO’s Legal Team. If you or someone you know needs advice on how to deal with a specific housing issue, email us at: rentinfo@cohhio.org or call our Housing Information Line: 888-485-7999.

Please Note: COHHIO cannot provide legal representation, housing referrals, or financial aid. Please contact your local legal aid office or call 2-1-1 for help with those resources.