Local Emergency Rental Assistance

If you have been laid off or lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic and recession, you might be able to find help paying the rent depending on your circumstances [...]

Local Emergency Rental Assistance2020-09-22T11:48:27-04:00

Breaking Ground – Summer 2020

Summer 2020 We’re six months into this pandemic – the strangest, most nerve racking period of my life as a homeless advocate – and I’m filled with two conflicting emotions: [...]

Breaking Ground – Summer 20202020-08-31T15:36:30-04:00

Your Vote Matters!

People who are homeless or facing eviction have more immediate concerns than the upcoming election. Unfortunately, low voter turnout among low-income and marginalized populations only perpetuates continued neglect by elected [...]

Your Vote Matters!2020-08-31T04:37:26-04:00

Thanks for Supporting CPEF!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the COHHIO Pandemic Emergency Fund! Together we raised over $1.9 million to support homeless shelters fighting to contain the spread of the coronavirus [...]

Thanks for Supporting CPEF!2020-08-31T14:45:19-04:00

The Big Give

The Columbus Foundation’s Big Give results are in! COHHIO was one of 1,107 nonprofit organizations in Ohio that received donations during the 25-hour campaign.  In all, people from 12 countries, [...]

The Big Give2020-07-15T16:50:24-04:00

Musician Sarob Donates Song to Pandemic Emergency Fund

Ohio-based musician Sarob released a new single Friday pledging 100 percent of sales revenue to the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio’s efforts to help local homeless shelters fight [...]

Musician Sarob Donates Song to Pandemic Emergency Fund2020-05-22T11:11:59-04:00

Breaking Ground – Spring 2020

Spring 2020 The coronavirus has proven that housing really is healthcare. COHHIO and our partners on the frontlines have been doing everything we can to help Ohioans who have no [...]

Breaking Ground – Spring 20202020-08-26T11:47:29-04:00

Bill’s Update on Covid & Homelessness

Homeless shelters throughout Ohio are scrambling to obtain masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, staffing, and food. Even more critically, they need to reduce the population density within these congregate facilities to [...]

Bill’s Update on Covid & Homelessness2020-04-16T16:20:48-04:00

COHHIO Pandemic Fund Helps Homeless Shelters Save Lives

Nonprofit Delivers Emergency Assistance to Frontline Agencies The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio is issuing grants tto help local homeless shelters limit the spread of COVID-19 among their [...]

COHHIO Pandemic Fund Helps Homeless Shelters Save Lives2020-04-28T08:53:32-04:00
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