Bill’s February Update

With all the noise about walls, government shutdowns and national emergencies, it was easy to miss the fact that Congress just increased funding for homeless and affordable housing programs for [...]

Bill’s February Update2019-02-19T14:52:57-05:00

Bill’s August Update

Labor Day is approaching, which means campaign season is just around the corner. That thought might give you a sense of nausea, but the fact is the upcoming campaign season [...]

Bill’s August Update2018-08-20T14:19:07-04:00

Report: Ohio Jobs Don’t Pay Enough to Afford the Rent

Only two of the top 10 occupations in Ohio actually pay their employees enough to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment, according to a report released Wednesday. Ohio’s housing wage increased [...]

Report: Ohio Jobs Don’t Pay Enough to Afford the Rent2018-08-15T22:04:46-04:00

Advocacy Worked – Housing Wins!

I just returned from Washington with great news: the budget bill that Congress passed represents a significant victory for housing and homelessness! I spent most of the week in D.C. [...]

Advocacy Worked – Housing Wins!2018-03-23T17:27:27-04:00

Bill’s Update

The Trump administration’s budget proposal came out earlier this month and its bad news for housing and homeless advocates. The president wants to cut HUD’s budget by $8.8 billion, or [...]

Bill’s Update2018-02-22T12:44:51-05:00

A Snapshot of Homelessness in Your Community

Thanks to everyone who recently braved the col weather to find people living on the land in their communities for the annual Point-In-Time count, like these volunteers with Columbus's Community [...]

A Snapshot of Homelessness in Your Community2018-02-22T12:33:23-05:00

Sign Up Now For Increased Housing Resources!

We all know that there is tremendous unmet need in the state for housing that low-income people can afford. However, there is good news: Congress’s recent bipartisan budget agreement is [...]

Sign Up Now For Increased Housing Resources!2018-02-15T14:28:25-05:00

COHHIO Resists Tenant Intimidation Bill

COHHIO led the charge this week against state legislation that could give unscrupulous landlords a new tool to intimidate tenants into paying for property damage that may not be their [...]

COHHIO Resists Tenant Intimidation Bill2017-11-30T11:17:51-05:00
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