The deadline to register voters (Oct. 9) for the fall election is less than 50 days away!

These close elections, like the race for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, show us that EVERY VOTE COUNTS. If you want your community to have more say in policies that affect affordable housing and homelessness, join more than 60 nonprofit agencies who have contacted our Ohio Votes initiative for help registering and turning out more low-income voters in Ohio. If you’d like to find out more, join Ohio Votes Coordinator Maria Bruno at an upcoming Meet-and-Greet or training session in a city near you.

Regional Meet-and-Greets

  • Aug. 22, 4-5 pm- Cincinnati
  • Aug. 23, 4-5 pm– Dayton

Ohio Votes Training Sessions

Ohio Votes will host a second round of voter outreach training in-person only. We will cover important voting rules, voter registration drive strategies and messaging, and more.

Below are the dates for each city. RSVP here.

  • Sept. 4, 3:30-5p — Akron
  • Sept. 5, 3:30-5p — Toledo
  • Sept. 6, 3:30-5p — Columbus
  • Sept. 7, 3:30-5p — Dayton
  • Sept. 10, 3:30-5p — Cincinnati

As we move forward with registering voters, remember, there are many ways you can collect voter registration forms without making big changes, including:

  • Submit eventsyou are hosting to us and request voter registration helpers (or include registration on your own!)
  • Include voting announcements and deadlines in newsletters and publications
  • Make voter registration forms and voter education literatureavailable at the front desk
  • Include voter registration forms in your intake and exit processes
  • Train employees or encourage employees and community leaders to train themselves using our training video
  • Be a volunteerto help Ohio Votes canvass and recruit your friends to do the same!
  • Participate in our #WhyOhioVotessocial media campaign by (1) recording a short video (up to one minute) of you, a friend, or a client stating why you plan to vote, (2) uploading it to social media and (3) tagging 3 friends to make their own video.