COHHIO was recently featured in an ABC6 investigation of a mobile home park that inexplicably started sending tenants water bills as high as $1,800 for one month. When tenants couldn’t pay, management threatened them with eviction.

Fair and Affordable Housing Coordinator Joe Maskovyak worked with tenants to advise them of their legal rights through the Housing Information Line and alerted state officials to the park’s outrageous practices. The Department of Commerce has since opened an investigation and COHHIO continues to work with Green Meadows’ tenants to fight for a fair outcome.

Meanwhile, the affordable housing shortage is getting more attention from our friends in other sectors, like higher education. We were thrilled to see this op-ed from Columbus State Community College President David Harrison calling for expanding the Ohio Housing Trust Fund and rental assistance for community college students who are struggling to keep their housing and stay in school.

And Columbus Business First has been shedding light on affordable housing challenges all year, particularly from the point of view that employers need workers who can afford to live in communities where jobs are located. COHHIO recently joined in a Big Table discussion on housing, that prompted a strong editorial calling on political leaders to do more and residents to be more open-minded when it comes to affordable housing.

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