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COHHIO closely monitors state legislation and rules that affect Ohioans who are struggling to emerge from poverty and fights at the Statehouse for policies that alleviate homelessness, expand housing and protect the vulnerable from predatory consumer practices. For more information on the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, visit our Housing Trust Fund page.

Bill Faith’s Year End Message

At the close of a tumultuous year, Ohioans have reason to be thankful: we are finally seeing significant progress in the fight against homelessness in Ohio. Over the past five years, Ohio has made significant [...]

Infant Mortality & Housing

State lawmakers are currently working on Senate Bill 332, a much-needed response to Ohio’s shamefully high rate of infant mortality that could pass during lame duck session. COHHIO welcomes the legislature's recognition that housing insecurity [...]

Unemployment Compensation Update

The General Assembly backed off a controversial plan to slash unemployment compensation benefits (HB 620) during the 2016 lame duck session after encountering broad-based opposition from labor and advocacy groups. State leaders announced a compromise [...]

Fair Housing Legislation

During the past few years, the legislature has considered several proposals to roll back Ohio’s anti-discrimination laws, but no bill has yet passed. Senate Bill 134, the most recent version, would ease penalties against landlords [...]

Hardest Hit Fund

The state’s faulty application for federal foreclosure prevention funds, known as the Hardest Hit Fund, resulted in Ohio losing out on nearly $100 million that could have helped troubled homeowners remain in their homes. Nonetheless, [...]

Veteran Homelessness

Local agencies throughout the state and the U.S. have combined forces and leveraged increased federal funding to significantly reduce homelessness among Ohio veterans in recent years. This demonstrates that it is possible to end homelessness [...]