Workers’ Comp Update 4Q 2018

COHHIO offers members the opportunity to significantly reduce their workers’ compensation costs by enrolling in our Group Rating programs. While the Group Rating enrollment deadline has passed, there’s still time to enroll in Group Retrospective rating programs – the deadline is Jan. 24!

This program was created to provide our members the opportunity to save the maximum amount on your workers’ comp premiums while at the same time providing you the best cost containment and claims management services to help you manage your bottom line.

CareWorksComp, COHHIO’s Third Party Administrator, will evaluate your company for our multi-tiered traditional rate discount or retrospective group rating programs to assist you in determining your company’s best premium savings options.

For more information, visit our Workers’ Comp web page or contact our dedicated group representatives at CareWorks:

Here are some more upcoming workers’ comp dates and info:

  • Dec. 31, 2017 is the last day to submit offer and acceptance forms (TWB-2) for July 2016 Transitional Work Bonus Program participants.
  • An increase in taxable wage base means Ohio employers will be paying more in unemployment taxes in 2018. CareWorksComp can assist you in controlling unemployment claims and taxes. Contact: Kammy Staton, our Unemployment Manager, at 614-526-7165 or
  • BWC offers generous safety grants for employers to ensure their employees’ safety when performing services for developmentally disabled individuals. The Employers Working with Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program (EWPDD) grant offers financial assistance to purchase training and/or equipment that may help eliminate or reduce injuries related to working with the developmentally disabled.