Project Performance and Monitoring


The Ohio BoSCoC establishes project and system performance goals for the CoC and conducts ongoing monitoring of program performance for all CoC-funded projects. Additionally, project providers are required to monitor their own performance on a regular basis to ensure that they are meeting the goals established by the CoC.

The following committees, plans, and reports represent some of the means by which the Ohio BoSCoC establishes and evaluates performance.

Please refer to the COHHIO HMIS page for more details on HMIS reports.

Ohio BoSCoC Performance and Outcomes Committee:
The Ohio BoSCoC Performance and Outcomes Committee takes primary responsibility for fulfilling HUD’s CoC Program requirements related to monitoring and evaluating program performance. The committee considers HUD’s project performance objectives and system performance measures in determining where to set project and system goals for the CoC. The committee is responsible for the creation of the Ohio BoSCoC Performance Management Plan, which is updated annually.

Ohio BoSCoC Performance Management Plan:
This plan identifies project and system performance goals for the CoC and outlines how performance is measured and monitored. Included in the plan are the CoC’s basic objectives for establishing performance measures for the CoC, HMIS-generated reports used to monitor performance, project performance measures for each project type, and provide responsibilities for meeting performance objectives.

Quarterly Performance Report:
This HMIS-generated report provides detailed information about project performance on the objectives outlined in the Ohio BoSCoC Performance Management Plan. The QPR is shared with the full Ohio BoSCoC each quarter.

QPR- Project Level Report:
This HMIS-generated report provides agency- and client-level data and can be run by providers at any time.

Annual Performance Report (APR):
All CoC HMIS-participating projects are encouraged to monitor project-level data on a regular basis using the ServicePoint HMIS APR. This report is also used to assist in completion of the HUD APR, which is submitted annually via e-snaps by all recipients of CoC funding- details about the BoSCoC HUD APR submission process can be found below. Additionally, the Ohio Development Services Agency requires submission of an HMIS APR by applicants for state-funded homeless programs (the Supportive Housing Program and Homeless Crisis Response System Program) and by current grantees prior to on-site project monitoring.