Farewell Cathy Johnston

Our longtime Advocacy Director Cathy Johnston retired after 20 years of tireless and devoted service advancing COHHIO’s mission to end homelessness and expand affordable housing throughout Ohio.

Cathy, a veteran community organizer, joined COHHIO in 1997 and has been a critical force behind our advocacy on a wide variety of issues crucial to protecting and empowering vulnerable Ohioans. While much of her work is behind the scenes, she has been a key force in building coalitions and focusing COHHIO staff to maximize the organization’s influence on public policy. As longtime friend Hal Keller, of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing put it:

“While at COHHIO Bill might be the 4-star general devising the broader strategy, Cathy is the battlefield general making sure the research gets done, the legislative meetings covered, the logistical tasks executed and the strategy sessions stay on point.”

In her “Ode to Cathy of Southside,” COHHIO Boardmember Cheryl Denny said:

“She hath brought fire and fury to the fight
To which she contributed all her might
And she has stood firm behind the scene
Working harder than anyone could dream
Honest, true and focused like a laser beam
Never acting cross or obscene
Except when necessary, I mean…”

Farewell Cathy, you will be greatly missed!

COHHIO is currently accepting applications for a new advocacy director.