COHHIO Members Saved $218,000 on Workers’ Comp

We often talk about how COHHIO members support our work to advocate for more affordable housing, ending youth homelessness, stopping illegal evictions, and much more. But did you know that membership offers benefits that can help fulfill your organization’s mission and better serve your community?

One benefit of membership is the opportunity for organizations to apply for workers compensation insurance through COHHIO’s group rating program. Agencies across the state are trying to do more with fewer resources. Membership can help make the budgeting process easier by unlocking huge savings on workers compensation insurance.

COHHIO members that take advantage of these discounts can save as much as 53% off their workers’ compensation premiums. One member organization saved over $23,000 last year! Together, all of our members saved a combined $218,257 through our group rating program during the previous policy year.

To see if your organization is eligible for savings on your workers compensation insurance, please contact CareWorksComp, our third party administrator. See their contact information below.

We thank all our members for their continued support of our work. Not a memwber? You can sign up for membership in COHHIO online at

CareWorksComp Contacts:

Andrew P. Frank
Account Executive
Office: (614) 956-2325
Toll Free: 800-837-3200 ext. 52325

Amber Hart
Program Manager
Phone: (614) 932-1553
Toll Free: 800-837-3200 ext. 51553