The Youth Advocacy Program provides training and technical assistance related to best practices and effective strategies for housing and serving homeless youth and young adults.  There are currently two on-going trainings that the Youth Advocacy Program provides by request from housing and homeless providers and stakeholders.  Both trainings are free of cost to COHHIO members.

Moving the Margins – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth are largely overrepresented in the homeless youth and young adult population. It is crucial that agencies and providers deliver interventions and services that are affirming, inclusive and accepting.  This cultural competency training for working with LGBTQ youth in out-of-home situations is intended for shelters, housing programs, child welfare, juvenile justice and other social services type agencies and staff to enhance their understanding and awareness around better care for LGBTQ youth and young adults.


Trauma Informed Model and Approaches to Serving Homeless Youth – The majority of youth and young adults that find themselves unstably housed or homeless are known to have a history of trauma and/or victimization.  This training is designed to educate service providers about the experiences of trauma as it relates to youth and young adult populations.  Attendees will leave the training with an understanding of trauma and the necessary tools to provide interventions and supports to reduce harm and promote healing.

If your agency is interested in scheduling a training or would like to request for trainings related to youth homelessness outside of our two main training options, feel free to email or call Youth Initiative Coordinator Melissa Humbert-Washington: 614.280.1984 ext. 132.