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Help Save Housing Trust Fund Expansion!

Ohio House leaders added a proposal to strengthen the Ohio Housing Trust Fund to the state budget that passed the House last month. Unfortunately, the Ohio Senate stripped the proposal from its version of the budget.

Please call your state legislators and ask them to support the Ohio Housing Trust Fund proposal! Your representatives need to know that their constituents and community leaders care about this issue and want the House’s Trust Fund proposal included in the final version of the budget bill.

Use the Ohio House’s member search to find your state representative and check the Senate’s website to find contact information for your state senator. Below are some talking points on the issue. You will most likely speak to an aide or leave a brief voice mail, but please know, these contacts are critically important. After you call, please send a quick email to to let us know who you contacted.

Talking Points for calls to legislators:

  • We urge the Senator/Representative to restore the House’s Ohio Housing Trust Fund/Recording Fee proposal in the budget.
  • The proposal is a key part of the solution to Ohio’s opiate crisis because it dedicates $6 million/year in non-GRF to help house people who are exiting opiate treatment.
  • The proposal stabilizes and expands the Trust Fund, the primary source of state support for homelessness and decent, affordable homes for seniors, veterans, and children.
  • The amendment would establish predictable recording fees that restore funding to both the Trust Fund and county governments.

We still have time to get the Trust Fund proposal restored before the budget is finalized on June 30, but we need your help!

For more information, check out this editorial in the Columbus Dispatch and visit our Ohio Housing Trust Fund page.

Thanks for your support!