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Housing Ohio 2017 Conference Materials


Workshop Set A

The Approval Is Only The Beginning: Using the SOAR Model to Encourage Employment, and Accessing Housing Services

Housing Opportunity through Modernization Act: A Primer

Assessing Opportunity, Expanding Mobility

Trauma-Informed Care, Vicarious Trauma, and Self-Care Part I:  Tools for Direct-Service Providers Assisting People Who Have Experienced Trauma

Effective Grant Management – Administering an Award from Onset and Beyond

Workshop Set B

Creating An Unstoppable Team

Creating Welcoming Spaces for People of All Faiths in Shelter & Housing

Ohio Medicaid Behavioral Health Redesign

Using System Mapping to Re-engineer Your Homeless System

  • Tom Albanese, L.S.W. & Joyce Probst MacAlpine Powerpoint

Guidance for Homeless Providers on the Use of Criminal History of Rental Applicants by Landlords

Trauma-Informed Care, Vicarious Trauma, and Self-Care Part II:  Tools for Direct-Service Providers Assisting People Who Have Experienced Trauma

  • Elizabeth Bach-Van Valkenburgh, LISW, CNM Powerpoint

Workshop Set C

Critical Conversation:  The Intersection of DV and Homelessness in a Data Driven World

  • Dana Ullrich, Christie Bevis, Debbie Fox, and Peg Hacskaylo Powerpoint

Intersections – Understanding the Nexus of Race, Class and Homelessness

Fair Housing 101

A New Way Forward – Ohio Statewide Homelessness Plan

Expanding Our Reach:  Making an Impact on Homelessness Using Technology

  • N/A

Employment Support In VA Housing First Programs; An Important Step in Ending Veterans Homelessness

  • Shawn Dowling & Glenn D. Osowski, ICGC-I Powerpoint

Developing an Effective Rapid Re-Housing Program for Transitional Age Youth

Workshop Set D

Breaking Down Silos:  Strategies for Engaging Seemingly Disengaged Transition Age Youth

Doing No Harm: Understanding Trauma-Informed Approaches

Peace and Faith: Strengthening Spiritual Wellness and Feelings of Wellbeing among Veterans who are Homeless

Peer Support: Implementation Challenges and Best Practices

  • Skylar Berhim, Staci Bell, and Cherie Houchin Powerpoint

The 2018 QAP – What’s In Store for PSH???

Motivating Healthy Behavior:  Changing the Conversation

  • Patrick E. Boyle, PhD, LISW-S, LICDC-CS Powerpoint

Workshop Set E

Advocacy DIY

The Two-Generational approach – Supporting Parents and Children Break the Cycle of Homelessness

Overcoming challenges: Gathering Documentation During Street Outreach

Developing Coordinated Entry in Rural and Suburban Communities

Community Transition Program

The Need for Inclusive Communities


PATH Institute: Spotlight on Homelessness and Housing

A Comprehensive look at Rapid Rehousing: Redesigning the Homelessness and Crisis Response System

Moving the Margins: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Cultural Competency


Monday Morning Plenary

Tuesday Monday Plenary

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Tuesday Lunch & Afternoon Plenary

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